October 6th


Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

In this workshop we will:

Learn about the 7 different types of female orgasm and how to access them

  • Discover ancient yogic practices to increase your vitality and awaken sexuality
  • Learn tools for bringing sacred sexuality into your relationships
  • Increase your creativity and self-expression 

This workshop is a unique and powerful one-day experience for women. This workshop will introduce you to 4 main concepts of tantra:

  •  Sacred Itimacy
  • The body as energy
  • Relationships as healing opportunities
  • Pleasure as a path to enlightenment

In honor of the release of Healthy Habits in the Bedroom by Hoffy’s Heart this workshop is being offered at 75% off for a limited time to allow more people to access it! Check out the Video below. 

Kirsten is a licensed marriage and family therapist with special training in tantric yoga. Kirsten studied and taught tantric yoga in both Thailand and Australia. She brings her unique experiences and expertise to offer a powerful, life changing, and fun workshop.

This workshop is not a substitute for psychotherapy.

This workshop will include both lecture and yoga practice. Please wear comfortable clothing. There is no nudity or sexual contact in this workshop. This workshop is for women 18 years of age and older. Workshop will be held in Orlando, Florida.

Cost: To celebrate the release of Healthy Habits in the Bedroom. This workshop is being offered for only $50. Standard price is $150.


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