Hi! I’m Kirsten. I teach personal development though feminine sexual empowerment. 

I didn’t seek-out relationship and pleasure coaching- it found me. In my mid-twenties, I was a relationship train wreck. In order to avoid intimacy, I buried myself in work, convinced myself I wasn’t interested in love, and avoided the topic. I did this until I broke. I quit my demanding job, sold everything I owned, and started traveling. I began a search for love, committed myself to learning how to be more feminine and began to face my insecurities one by one.

The beginning was rough- The highlight of my first online dating profile was a sideways picture of my face- I wasn’t even smiling. It also included the phrase “real men only.” Ahhh!!! But, I stayed commitment.

I knew there was more out there. I had an intuitive knowing that a huge untapped well of sexuality within me. This nagging feeling lead me one of the biggest revolutionary experience of my life- tantra. 

I studied tantric yoga in-depth on an Island in Thailand (tantric yoga links relationships, spirituality and sexuality together). This took my game to a whole new level and opened my mind to the idea that sexuality and personal development are inextricably linked. I found my tribe. I found my practice. I found a path of self development that unlocked that well of energy. I found path that taught me how to heal through pleasure and orgasm instead of pain and suffering. I found a path the honored feminine sexuality as the core component of all life. 

I took it further. I left the tantric island and got on a plane to New York. There, I completed my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. This added professionalism, depth of knowledge and research backing to the knowledge I accumulated. I witnessed others struggle the way that I once had. I saw the areas where psychology helped people resolve hurts but it didn’t help them access deep pleasure and live a life of ecstasy. I decided to do something about it. I decide to help as many women as possible learn how to access their full sexual potential. I decide to become a voice behind a movement about women’s PLEASURE. 

Now, I am a relationship and pleasure coach based in Orlando, Florida. 

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Thailand Circa 2012~ The Magical Island