I had BIG plans for this New Years Eve. I purchased an outfit well in advance (which I normally do not do) think sequins and fake fur. I was ready. But, the day came and I found myself recovering from the last remnants of the flu. 

I had a moment of disappointment and resentment when I realized I’d be staying in. But then, I surrendered to what the moment had in store for me. I relaxed into what my body and soul really needed. I found myself in state of relaxed bliss working on a puzzle of Barcelona and drinking hot chocolate. 

It gets better. At midnight, I stepped out onto my balcony to look for fireworks. To my amazement I could fireworks in every direction. The whole city was blowing-up. I tried to count them all, but there were too many. The Colors burst all through the sky. For a moment, I was in perfect ecstasy, flu, pajamas and all. 

Real bliss happens when I surrender to the moment, to my body, and to what is right in front of me. The magic is all around me. It is a matter of opening my eyes to see what is.

It is easy to fall into the trap that happiness is something we need to go out and create, a goal we need to reach, or a person we need to be with. 

That is not the case. Our natural state of being is bliss. When we learn to deeply surrender to our bodies, it is unstoppable. This is the essence of feminine energy. 2019 is the year of bliss.

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