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Kirsten Keach

Kirsten Keach


Hi! I’m Kirsten. I am a dating, love and relationship specialist. I am here to help you find love and do love better. I didn’t seek-out relationship coaching- it found me....

Krystina Murray

New York, New York

Kirsten's work was highly informative and taught embodied connection. Everyone felt safe and vulnerable as they breathed into their being. Kirsten made a great guide for meditation and we all had moments of transformation and awareness. ❤

Maria Aponte

Miami, Florida

I loved working with Kirsten. So many women would benefit from this work. There is something powerful about being more self aware of your energy and how your body works. I loved all the sex stuff. Adding in the energetic connection and connection to myself was super powerful and unique. I think most women have issues loving themselves and would benefit from learning about the power they have inside.

Emma Jennings

San Francisco, California

Kirsten's work was super enlightening. Women have no idea what their bodies are made of or even capable of. A woman's body literally creates life; such beautiful magic. I Loved the 7 orgasms explantation- I had no clue that we had so many places to explore. I enjoyed being in the "moment." Being present is 100% of what creates the spark. People rush in and don't really enjoy their intimacy.I highly recommend this work to all women looking for more out of their love lives.


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